I know everyone is curious to what our schedule is going to run like for the rest of the events, so we thought we would release a tentative schedule. Please remember this is subject to change, of course, as the roleplay progresses, but this way you know how long things will run for.

Detailed information will be posted to say how we’ll play things out for each phase of the group as soon as we approach it.

  • Training: From now, July 26th, to August 9th. Gamemaker scoring will crossover in this time frame a bit.
  • Gamemaker Scoring: August 4th to August 9th. They will still be training the whole week, and the scoring will technically take place on the 9th, but we’ll be giving you that week to write your scoring paras. We will also be posting their scores on the 9th as well.
  • Interviews: We’ll send out your questions on the August 10th-11th. You’ll have from the 12th-15th to complete them. The interview itself will technically take place on the 15th. You’ll still be able to say they’re training to give you other things to do along with prepping themselves for the interviews on the days leading up to the 15th.
  • 175th Anniversary Party: Tentatively the 16th-18th of August, but it will all be one night. We’ll just give you multiple days to play things out.
  • The Hunger Games: 19th-22nd. We will decide who will die by a random generator, along with what day they will die. Most likely, we’ll also be picking who kills who. Just a reminder— even the dead tributes will come back. The rebellion will being on day 4, the 22nd, as the tributes are broken out of the arena.
  • District 13: The 23rd; there will be a couple month time jump as well.

I know you probably have some questions to how things will work in more detail, and I promise you that your questions will eventually be answered! This is simply just an outline schedule for you all to give you an idea of what to expect c:

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