We love you all. <3

Hello lovelies!

We’d like to start this note off by saying that RATK has been a wonderful group. We’ve made many friends, held many amazing conversations, and had a wonderful time. This group has been such a blessing to all of us, and we really appreciate the time that we’ve had with it.

However, as you may have noticed, our activity has been lacking recently. And we owe you an explanation for that. After Zewis gave this lovely group to Manni, we all thought long and hard over a way to save it. We knew that too many people had left their mark on the group, and then they had left. We couldn’t exactly start the Games with new characters when the past characters (like Tatiana for instance) had created such a big impact. And since these characters were OCs, there was no way for anyone to step in and continue on with them.

So, we thought we’d focus on the rebellion. We figured that not many Hunger Games groups out there were about the rebellion, so it might garner some interest. We came up with the backstory for the Games, labored hard and long over the new characters, the new plot, and the new graphics. We put our heart and soul into the revamp, because we loved RATK and didn’t want to see it fail.

But then it dropped. Again. We reopened, released our first of the plot twists, released a few of the long list of characters, released our hard work out into the open. And for some reason, it just crashed and burned. No one applied for a character, more and more of the old members lost interest and left, and our interest began to dwindle as well. RATK just isn’t the same, and it probably never will be.

So, we’ve come to the sad realization that we have to close this group. We tried saving it, and it just didn’t work. As depressing as it is, we’ve decided to move on. So, this is our official mod note to you, the lovely members, to let you know what has been going on. We didn’t want to leave you hanging, and we figured we had waited long enough.

That being said, please, don’t be strangers! We enjoyed rping with each and every one of you, and we’d love to do so with you again. We really enjoyed the time we had with you guys.

Lastly, with a heavy heart, we officially close this group. See you on the other side. c:

~   Manni, Sophie, Romina, and Jordan

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Well, today has been quite eventful. Watched my first episode of Gossip Girl (I know, I’m behind the times) and pulled an eight hour shift. Make my day even more interesting by leaving some apps in the inbox? xoxo

Hey, so I don't think I'll be rejoining :( Sorry babies I love you all I just don't have the time!

We’re sorry to see you go! Thanks for letting us know, darling. We look forward to rping with you again at some point, if you’d like to come back! c: - Jordan

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Come one, come all!

Come apply for one of our gorgeous open characters and join the active dash! We’d love to have you. Mods are on and waiting for any questions and/or comments that you may have. We’d love to see you!

Well, look what we have here!? Ratk has its very own news blog now. You’ll be getting weekly recaps, gossip, and plenty of other awesome infomation. The first news post will be coming out tonight, courtesy of the lovely Valene Lykos. Be sure to follow so you can get the scoop!

A message from your leaders

Dear citizens of District 13, refugees, rebels, and most of all tributes.

We are pleased to hear that many of you have settled into your life, albeit many of you are still undergoing treatment for injuries that occurred in the arena. However, as you transition we hope you will be reunited with your families and find a place here that suits you. Please make sure to receive your schedule marking your activities for the next week and report to the stations that are noted. Make sure to arrive on time for meals and do not expect to be fed more than the standard amount.

In other news, it has come to my attention that a piece of information was not disclosed correctly and I will now go over it once more to clarify it for you. During the break in, rebel forces were not successful in completely retrieving every tribute. One tribute was unfortunately not rescued, and she is currently being held captive by the Capitol. A few of our spies were captured as well. We are attempting to gather information on their whereabouts. The soonest we could hope to retrieve them is within a week. We hope that you will send your best wishes to the captured and to their families, and continue to assist rebel forces with as much vigor as you have previously.

Thank you. This message has been approved by Preisdent Olena Parish.

Join us in celebrating our first weekly event!

Each set of tributes will have to work in one station per day. The different stations depend on the group, as not all of them are the same. However, the two that are mandatory for every group are Motivational Speaking and Soldier Training. These are one day prompts that give each tribute a taste of every job before they decide what to do. It also gives them a chance to know what life in D13 is like and helps them give back to their community.

Motivational Speaking:

Being a motivational speaker is a job limited only to tributes. The job itself involves traveling from district to district for filming as well as acting in propos. It’s very similar to being in the interviews; each tribute is required to be filmed in one quick propo during their week trying out different jobs. This is a required station, because footage of each tribute is necessary. Any tributes who are enamored by it can become full time faces of the rebellion.

Soldier Training:

Is as grueling as it sounds. Actual soldier training is about a month long, however tributes are mandated to spend at least one day out with the rest of the soldiers in training, running around, doing obstacles, and learning how to shoot. This will give them a taste of what it’s like on the field. And if they would like to join the army, that’s what they’re signing up for.


The butchering of animals in District 13 is actually extremely important. Meat is as necessary to the balanced diet afforded to everyone here as the farming industry behind it. Tributes will spend a day learning how to both prepare meat and slaughter animals, alongside refugees from District 10 who are in fact experts in the art.

Weapon Making:

Good weapons make for happier soldiers and battles with lower casualty rates. The weapon designers are always pumping out new designs for advanced guns, bows, and the like. However, somebody needs to work on making standard issue guns and equipment. This work usually falls on the craftsmen of District 2. Tributes will learn the basics to assembly.

Animal Husbandry:

Alongside the skilled ranchers of District 10, tributes will get to work in the underground ranches and farms where cows, pigs, and chickens are raised. They will be put in charge of feeding the animals, rounding them up at night, milking, cleaning of coops, and collecting eggs. Hopefully one of them sees past the dirt and decides to join the workers.


Underground farms are also common place in District 13, and somebody needs to help sow the seeds and raise crops. The people of District 9 have so far added to the abundant food supply, and it’s the job of the tributes to help them out with whatever chores they might have during the day.

Medic Training:

Doctors are a valuable resource during a war, however the training required to become one is quite the challenge. Tributes will get to spend time in the hospital with the rest of the medics in training, sitting in on a class about first aid and herbal remedies. Should they choose to join they will be guaranteed a spot.


Cooking is a job anyone can do, or so they say. The kitchen staff of District 13 could always use some growth and helping hands. Tributes will be stuck in the hot, sticky, bustling kitchens for a day chopping up vegetables and making District 13’s signature dishes that are served daily without fail.


What would the rebellion be without runners? Runners are in fact made up of the younger quick-footed refugees who run from station to station bringing important news to the higher ups and bringing food from one work station to another. They are absolutely vital, and are guaranteed special benefits when they’re older and choose a new position.


District 8 has been a boon to District 13 now that there are skilled workers to make the standard uniforms of the district. The work itself is dull, but the reward is great. As refugees pour in more and more outfits need to be made, so it’s a job that will never go out of style.

Trap making:

Anyone with knowledge of basic snares will be able to appreciate how good an excellent trap, made to catch humans, can make or break a war. Tributes will be put to work developing new traps to be used in the actual rebellion, assuming they’re any good at it.

Tribute Schedules:

Coral + Adair

Day 1 - Motivational Speaking

Day 2 - Butchers

Day 3 - Weapon Making

Day 4- Soldier Training

Day 5 - Animal Husbandry

Day 6 - Farmwork

Day 7 - Medic Training

Acacia + Wren

Day 1 - Farmwork

Day 2 - Cooking

Day 3 - Animal Husbandry

Day 4 - Runners

Day 5 - Soldier Training

Day 6 - Motivational Speaking

Day 7 - Medic Training

Newton + Blythe

Day 1 - Runners

Day 2 - Seamstress

Day 3 - Cooking

Day 4 - Motivational Speaking

Day 5 - Medic Training

Day 6 - Soldier Training

Day 7 - Animal Husbandry

Griffin + Caspian

Day 1 - Animal Husbandry

Day 2 - Weapon Making

Day 3 - Butcher

Day 4 - Soldier Training

Day 5 - Seamstress

Day 6 - Cooking

Day 7 - Motivational Speaking

Ember + Aras

Day 1 - Medic Training

Day 2 - Trap Making

Day 3 - Runners

Day 4 - Cooking

Day 5 - Soldier Training

Day 6 - Motivational Speaking

Day 7- Butcher

Less than 10 minutes!

I’d be screaming and bouncing with excitement, but you see, Enjolras and Grantaire just died and they weren’t holding hands. This is why I prefer books to movies. I’ll leave the excitement to Jordie, maybe by the time we open I’ll be dancing to some spanish music, or I might be just singing Red and Black, you can never know.

Anyway, come apply, lurkers! Did I mention we have Jake Abel open? And Kacey Rohl, and Lauren Cohan, and Rose Leslie and many more?

Come and apply for one of our lovely open characters! We’d love to have you as a part of the rebellion, and we look forward to reading your lovely apps! Check out our navigation for more information on our plot, characters, and application. A mod is currently on to answer any questions you may have and grant reservations, so hit us with your best shot!


To add onto what Romina said the first event will be posted very soon! I hope that you’re excited as I am, especially seeing as making it was back-breaking work.


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